WhatZz on in Cork in April

April is a big month in Cork as the city prepares for huge summer months.

Some Shows in Cork

The famous Rock Icons Shows kicks off on April 6th, in The Everyman, just a stone’s throw away from REZz Cork. 

Ajeet comes to the people’s capital on the 28th as he plays in St. Luke’s, just a 15 minute walk from REZz.

Victorian Quarter

You can always find lively music and soul-kissing singing in the pubs and bars around the VC (Victorian Quarter). Luckily, REZz is located right where the magic happens in the City, plus, we’re always here to give any recommendations.

Cork is also an amazing city to see indie artists in intimate venues across the city throughout the year. One we recommend coming to Cork in April is Gemma Hayes, performing in Cypress Avenue (less than a 10 minute walk from REZz) on April 21st.